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The ‘Triple A’ Programme – Detailed Content

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  • An introduction to The ‘Triple A’ Programme
    • What is The ‘Triple A’ Programme?
    • The true meaning of DIFOTIS and its relationship to The ‘Triple A’ Programme
  • How will this programme assist every customer, supplier, manager and employee?
    • What’s in it for me?
    • Making the working day less stressful
  • Setting the desired target
    • Where do we want to be, by when?
  • Educating staff on the process about to be adopted
    • Obtaining buy-in to the concepts and values of DIFOTIS
    • What tools are used and why?
  • Establishing a Team to manage any issues that arise
    • Who is accountable for the overall project?
    • Who should be on the working party?
    • What are the responsibilities of the working party?
  • Who should be involved in The ‘Triple A’ Programme?
    • What are the responsibilities and involvement of all other staff?
  • Benchmarking the current level of performance
    • Where are we now?
  • Designing a system to track the current constraints
    • What are our current internal constraints?
    • What are our current external constraints?
    • How to introduce and use O.C.N’s, (Operational Constraint Notifications), in a positive manner
  • How to apply R.C.A. (Root Cause Analysis), to the selected constraints
    • Sorting the constraints into categories
    • Prioritising the constraints in the order they need to be addressed
    • The ‘5 Whys’
    • Data collection and analysis
  • Implementing the selected action plan
    • Setting the start date and expected completion date
    • Applying the Deming Cycle to the selected action. P.D.C.A.
      (Plan, Do, Check, Action)
  • Designing and Implementing an Audit Process
    • How will we track our progress?
    • What measurement systems do we need to introduce?
    • How often should the Working Party review raised issues?