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Employment Related Legislation

One Day


It is necessary in today’s employment environment to conduct policies and practices in a legally constructive manner. Managing people to produce best practice in delivering products or services requires an awareness of the implications of the legislation affecting the Employer/Employee/Customer relationship.


This workshop will examine the following major aspects of the Employer/Employee relationship and illustrate the practical application of the legislation affecting the various aspects of this relationship.

• Recruitment and Employee selection
• Training, Induction/Orientation, Job Instruction
• Performance Management
• Performance or behavioural problems: informal and formal disciplinary procedures

Legislation, such as the following, will be discussed in relation to the above procedures (or any issue which may be of particular interest to participants).

  Employment Relations Act
  Privacy Act
  Fair Trading Act
  Human Rights Act
  Health and Safety in Employment Act
  Holidays Act
  Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act
  Minimum Wage Act
  Accident, Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance Act
  Consumer Guarantees Act