Write To Be Read

One Day


  • To inspire you to look at writing in new ways.
  • To improve your success in transmitting your desired messages to readers.
  • To improve your writing skills and style
  • To improve the accuracy and precision of your writing
  • To speed up your writing process


  • Writing as a marketing exercise
  • Writing clearly and concisely
  • Writing with a purpose
  • Overcoming the problem of getting started
  • Choosing the right words
  • Checking your tone
  • Structuring your writing tasks
  • Using the spell check to your best advantage
  • The role of punctuation and grammar
  • This workshop deals with the philosophy (why we do it) and principles of writing, then the emphasis shifts to putting this into practice.
  • Break-outs with tips on: different writing styles; tips on grammar and punctuation; tricky, weasel and buzz words and phrases; traps to avoid; the difference between changing language, and fashion and fads.
  • Τhis is not a theoretical seminar. Nor does it seek to have everyone writing exactly the same way. The aim is to help you discover your style of writing – and enhance it.