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Why People Can Push Our Buttons

Half Day


To gain an understanding of why we feel and react negatively to some people and situations and to learn tools for making lasting positive changes in all interpersonal relationships to advance our own success.


  • What are these “buttons” that people can push and how did we get them?
  • How our brain works against us to keep those buttons active
  • The self help technique you can use to disconnect those buttons forever
  • How we can permanently change how we get on with those people we don’t like and/or who don’t like us
  • The Relationship Rule Book we all have – why some people don’t play by the ‘right’ rules – and how we can change that
  • Techniques so you can say what you really want to say in a way that won’t push their buttons and will get the results you want
  • Getting others to respond differently to us
  • What to do when other’s won’t or can’t change – ensuring our own peace and happiness
  • Being a better version of ourselves so we aren’t pushing other people’s buttons
  • Being in control of any situation to ensure we maintain our own self esteem regardless of the outcome
  • How this will enhance team dynamics

A detailed content of this workshop is available on request