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Turbo Charge Your Brain Power

Enhance intellectual performance

One Day

To assist participants to enhance and develop more effective mental and intellectual performance at work and at home.


  • Super Learning ‑ Simple steps to future performance

  • Concentration ‑ Hmm what was I thinking then?

  • Creativity ‑ simple steps to finding solutions

  • Control procrastination and get on with it

  • Planning and performance types ‑ Why don’t others get the results 1 do?

  • The clear calm centre ‑ Where is the centre of the cyclone?

  • Space, place and time ‑ When does it work for me?

  • Memories are made of this ‑ Now let me remember where it happened

  • Peripheral factors ‑ Why is the relevant so important?

  • Where to from here ‑ New directions new pathways