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Transactional Analysis – A Tool to Enhance Workplace Relations

Half Day


This workshop is aimed at any person who wishes to further develop their communication skills and interpersonal skills in all facets of the home, social and work environments

Expected Outcomes

On completion of this workshop participants will have a better understanding of how and why people react or respond to various situations. It will help to create an environment which will vastly improve the interaction between individuals and teams in areas such as:

  • Everyday communication
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Communicating with the different generations
  • Communication with the different cultures
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Using conflict as a constructive tool as opposed to a destructive interaction
  • Assisting individuals in maintaining a professional conducive interaction
  • How to deal with situations that may become toxic
  • How to maintain our own self-esteem and confidence


  • What is Transactional Analysis?
  • An understanding of the 3 Ego States
  • How did we arrive at these states?
  • How each of these Ego States can impact on our interaction with others?
  • Understanding why people can move from State to State
  • What are the implications if we do not recognise these States in ourselves and others
  • How do we control our Ego States to ensure the interaction we are participating in remains constructive?
  • How can we modify the State of the recipient?
  • How can we adapt our own Ego State?
  • What is our predominant Ego State?
  • An understanding of how our Ego States can impact on the interaction we are having
  • How to better balance our Ego States to add value to our interactions with other individuals

Participants will complete a questionnaire on TA so they can identify what State they predominantly work in.
The group will be debriefed on the pro’s and con’s of each of these states and how they could impact on their workplace.