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Training the Trainer

Two Days


By the end of this training programme participants will be able to:

  • Describe the training process in adults
  • Plan, prepare and structure a workplace training session
  • Use effective participation and involvement techniques
  • Set measurable training objectives
  • Use training aids effectively, such as Powerpoint and whiteboard
  • Evaluate training needs and training outcomes
  • Deliver an effective workplace training session


The above objectives will be achieved by covering the following content:

  • How adults learn in training situations
  • The training process
  • The training sequence
  • Planning and structuring the training session
  • Training objectives
  • Participation and involvement techniques in training sessions
  • Presentation of self, body language and confidence issues
  • Using training aids such as the whiteboard or Powerpoint
  • Evaluating a training session
  • Training records


This training workshop will act as a role model of effective workplace training delivery. Accelerated learning techniques will be used to ensure that all learning styles are catered for and to allow for maximum participation. Theory will be mixed with practice so that the transfer of knowledge is assured. The purpose is to gain a high level of involvement through participation as well as listening.

Each participant will be required to deliver a short training session.

Participants will work together as small teams and will learn through a mix of:-

  • Short lectures
  • Case studies
  • Training exercises
  • Team discussions
  • Plenary sessions