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Think Fast, Speak Well

One Day


This workshop will help you structure your ideas simply and clearly,  so you can target your message to your audience. Think Fast will ensure that you make an impact and help turn that nervousness into constructive energy.

Who Will Benefit

Everyone who needs to communicate with structured thinking

• For business, sales and marketing presentations
• From the office to staff meetings and board meetings
• Outside the workplace to clients
• Private life including sports clubs and PTA

Everyone who needs to speak and answer questions under pressure

Everyone who wishes to promote an organisation, product or themselves


• Preliminaries to know beforehand

• Structuring your presentation to maximise impact

• Opening and closing your presentation

• Sorting out what to include

• Getting to the point and being remembered

• Polishing your use of visual aids

• Keeping the audience interested

• Dealing with questions and “thinking fast”

• Developing confidence in your own ability

• Developing your own style

• Dealing with nerves to your advantage