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Think Fast – Present Well

One Day

This workshop will help you structure ideas simply and clearly, so you can target your messages and/or presentations.
Think Fast will assist you to organise your ideas while you talk and help turn that nervousness into energy.

Who Will Benefit
Everyone who needs to communicate with structured thinking

  • from the office to staff meetings and board meetings

  • outside the workplace to clients

  • private life including sports clubs and PTA

Everyone who needs to speak and answer under pressure
Everyone who wishes to promote an organisation, product or themself


  • The importance of preparation to increase impact

  • Where will the presentation take place?

  • How to sort out what to include

  • Room layout (if you have any control)

  • Polished use of visual aids

  • Dealing with the difficult participant

  • How to stay on track if someone is trying to divert you

  • How to deal with questions and “Think Fast”

  • Delivery skills, how to cover or cope with nerves