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The D.O.P.E Test for Individuals and Teams – “What’s My Fit?”

What’s My Fit?

Half Day


This is a workshop designed to assist staff and/or individuals to:-

• Gain further insight into how you and/or your team functions

• Understand what complements your natural communication style

• Understand your colleagues

• Enhance communication and avoid negative conflict

• Gain a better understanding as to why others respond differently to various situations

• Understand how to approach each different or difficult situation

• Gain more self confidence

• How to better balance your styles


What combination are you out of the following?

• A Dove
• An Owl
• A Peacock
• An Eagle

Participants will be shown how to use The D.O.P.E Test as a self development tool to enhance their ability to communicate and interrelate with other people

An overview of what The D.O.P.E Test is about

Filling out the test and totalling scores

• Communication skills and barriers we need to consider

A breakdown of each of the birds and their characteristics

S.W.O.T analysis of each of the four birds

How each of the birds interact with each other

How to develop your birds to further enhance your communication skills

• How to manage those more difficult situations

How to plan your approach with each of the birds to further enhance the relationship and/or the communication process

• How this test can build your confidence using trigger words or actions to assist

Practical exercises to allow the participants to practice and transfer their new learnt skills