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Sun Tzu – “The Art of War”

Interpretations & Application to Leadership, Management & Business

One Day


This workshop will discuss and analyse Sun Tzu’s writings and how you would interpret these and their application to the business environment and climate today?


1.   Laying Plans

2.   On Waging War

3.   The Sheathed Sword

4.   Tactics

5.   Energy

6.   Weak Points & Strong

7.   Manoeuvring

8.   Variation of Tactics

9.   The Army on the March

10. Terrain

11. The Nine Situations

12. Attack By Fire

13. The Use of Spies


The session will be run interactively with open discussion on each topic. We will be working through the interpretation of each of the 13 chapters of “The Art of War” and analysing how these can be effectively applied to modern day business and management.