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Re-Inventing Yourself in Retirement

One Day 

This workshop will equip participants with sufficient tools to enjoy the major life changes that retirement brings. They will be able to understand and therefore anticipate their own reactions to the changes 


Definitions of Success in Retirement

  • Changes in satisfaction needs

  • Motivation domain and needs

  • Psychological changes

  • Critical roles changes ‑ the sense of loss

  • Physiological changes

  • Economic changes

Rules for Re‑invention

  • Importance of being retired

  • New structures for new environments

  • Creating a new path

  • Empty vs real risks

Mapping the Future

  • Main routes and detours

  • Understanding personality pitfalls

  • Creating the road ahead

  • Tools and equipment needed

Your New Lifestyle

  • Growth from style

  • Changing partner needs

  • Nimble or stodgy

  • Control freaks

Sources of Information and Support

  • Importance of a back‑up mechanism

  • Coming to terms with death

  • Investment in life and income

  • Grief and personal resilience

Let’s Make Changes: Steps Ahead and Beyond

  • Fixing our problems

  • Me and my shadow ‑ how to cope alone

  • Planning ahead