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Prevention and Management of Workplace Violence

Half Day


To provide participants with the tools to better manage workplace violence and minimise this occurring.


• What is bullying or violence in the workplace?

• Physical
• Mental
• Behavioural
• Verbal
• Direct
• Intimidation
• Indirect

• What are the legal obligations and ramifications, the expectations (including OSH) and best practices to prevent or manage this?

• What are your Policies and Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures both formal and informal?

• What are the obligations of the directors, officers or staff in establishing a safe working environment – including utilisation of delegated authority?

• How do we introduce this effectively in the induction programme including setting standards on the behavioural codes?

• The Performance Review and how behaviour needs to be included to ensure prevention or reoccurrence of potential situations both formally and informally.

• The directors, officers or staffs responsibility to identify and manage stress created by bullying or intimidation in the workplace.

• The steps to handling a potential situation or incident

• How to deal with a potentially negative situation in an informal process

• How to deal with a reactive situation in the case of bullying, violence or intimidation