Power Reading

One Day


Power reading is not just about fast reading.  It’s equally as much about comprehension, reducing fatigue, and not reading everything in the same way.  By the end of this course, you will probably have doubled your effective reading rate (that’s a measure of speed and comprehension).


  • Read faster – so that you spend less time going over your growing pile of daily reading
  • Understand more – so that you are better informed and better equipped to make decisions
  • Concentrate better – so that you get better value for every minute of work you do
  • Stay fresher, more alert and less fatigued – so that you are in better shape for your working day
  • Choose the way you read – quickly, for leisure, for information, for pleasure, to savour or to get off your desk as quickly as possible


  • Measure your present reading statistics
  • Overcome ingrained, bad habits
  • Reduce uncertainty and use contextual cueing
  • Learn chunking skills
  • Develop a flexible reading strategy
  • Skim, scan and paragraph
  • Enjoy eye exercises, chunking drills
  • Practise with a reading accelerator
  • Broaden your peripheral vision
  • Experience “fast seeing’ and “reading without hearing”
  • Experiment with memory
  • Measure your progress