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Negotiation to Win

Two days

This programme is designed to explain the process of formal negotiation, Its aim is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to reach satisfactory outcomes when negotiating prices, terms, conditions or a myriad of other issues in both the market place and the work place. 

Day 1

  • Introduction

  • Best practices for personal selling

  • The five areas of essential knowledge

  • The Seven Steps of Selling

  • Managing your time and territory for optimum results

  • Negotiation

  • The negotiation model

  • Preparing and conducting negotiations

  • Theory in Practice: Case Study

Participants will participate in a case study. The purpose of the case study is to ascertain how well they have understood the process and reinforce what has been taught on day one.

Day 2

  • Identifying customer personality styles

  • Questioning and listening skills

  • Types of negotiating power

  • Handling price resistance

  • Buyer/Seller tactics and how to handle them

  • Breakthrough negotiation

  • Case study 2

Participants will negotiate a case study and the results will be analysed and discussed.

This workshop is only available in-company

Some comments from previous Negotiation workshop participants

“Interesting and fun – step by step approach then having to carry out practical negotiations”

“Thinking beyond the square – there is so much more involved than I had envisaged”

“The facilitator’s ability to “read” people was a real strength”

“The course was very pertinent to our roles and industry”