Media Massage

Half Day


Media Massage is NOT a talk show. This is a working course where you practise what you learn.

Who will benefit

Any business people who have dealings or are likely to have dealings with the media or publicity people for voluntary & community organisations


  • The media & its mediums
  • The role of the media release
  • What makes the media tick?
  • The role of the media conference
  • Who does what in the media?
  • Timing
  • Why worry about the media?
  • The media & crisis management
  • Developing & maintaining media contacts
  • Spokespeople & availability
  • Media opportunities
  • Interview skills
  • Which medium – print, radio or television
  • How to get your message across
  • Letters to the editor
  • Radio & television skills
  • Supplements, advertorial & paid advertisements
  • Do-it-yourself, in-house specialist or consultant