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Interpersonal Communication Skills

One Day


To develop in all people the interpersonal skills required to relate more successfully with their staff, colleagues and customers. This workshop will also help improve one-to-one communication skills such as coaching, counselling and conflict handling.

Designed for

Those who need to relate more successfully with and to their staff, colleagues and customers.


• What can affect an individual on a day to day basis and how that alters their communication

• The communication process

• Verbal and non-verbal skills

• Reading the situation both verbally and visually to ensure communication is effective

• The dangers of stereotyping/pigeon holing people.

• Recognising barriers to communication and how to overcome them

• Understanding cultural differences – we all have our own culture

• Perception – why and how people misinterpret messages

• How to resolve this situation

• What is active listening for real and how do we do it?

• Giving and receiving feedback in a professional manner

• How not to take feedback on a personal level

• Dealing with conflict

• Managing your own emotional state so that you remain professional