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How Unconscious Bias Can Impact on Workplace Diversity

How can we change this?

Half Day


To provide participants the understanding of Unconscious Biases and how this may
compromise diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


  • What is Unconscious Bias?
  • Understanding and accepting we all have some form of Unconscious Bias, for example age, gender, physical appearance or stereotyping
  • How did we develop our Unconscious Bias? – Like it or not we all have it!
  • The types of Unconscious Bias
  • Understanding how Unconscious Bias can negatively influence workplace relationships
  • How Unconscious Bias leads to Diversity Bias
  • Working from the Consciously Competent state to manage any Unconscious Bias
  • Evaluating and accepting our own Biases
  • A discussion to assist participants to identify what Unconscious Bias they may have
  • What are some examples of Unconscious Bias we encounter?
  • What can I do to reduce any bias occurring in the workplace?
  • Holding everyone accountable
  • Each participant will be required to commit to taking at least one action to mitigate the influence of Unconscious Bias which will assist in reducing/eliminating Diversity Bias
  • How can we encourage Workplace Diversity?