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How to Reduce Conflict

One Day


This course will teach you effective skills to confidently manage yourself in the face of personal and professional conflict. It will explain why conflict occurs and the individual styles we use to respond to it.


  • How to become assertive without aggression
  • Respect
  • Managing your own emotional state so that you remain professional
  • Diversity bias
  • The need for positive conflict
  • Identification of negative conflict
  • Identification of the possible outcomes of negative conflict
  • Understanding what conflict really is
  • What are you REALLY dealing with in this situation?
  • Conflict resolution – diffusing the situation
  • Is the conflict personal or professional?
  • The four types of conflict that we deal with on a day to day basis
  • How to avoid the above four types
  • The steps to conflict resolution and how and when to apply them
  • Understanding the other party involved in the conflict and how to better approach that individual so as to achieve a positive outcome
  • Open communication – courageous conversations
  • How to give and receive feedback in a positive manner
  • Conflict between team members
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Communication
  • The 3 ego states of a person – Transactional Analysis and how this impacts on behaviour
  • What can affect an individual on a day to day basis and how that alters their behaviour
  • What types of people do we have to deal with?
  • Welcome to the animal kingdom
  • How close to the animal kingdom are humans when it comes to behaviour?
    • The sheep – loses direction
    • The donkey – is stubborn
    • The puppy – needs attention
    • ……..and more