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How to Handle Differences in Other People

One Day


To assist participants to deal with the different personalities we come across in the working environment and our personal lives. This course will also assist them in understanding how we all think differently.


  • How to get your ideas and opinions across more clearly
  • Why people react differently in different situations
  • How to handle difficult people
  • We all communicate differently
  • Why and how people misinterpret messages
  • How to resolve this situation.
  • Reading the situation both verbally and visually to ensure communication is effective
  • The dangers of stereotyping/pigeon holing people.
  • Understanding cultural differences – we all have our own culture
  • Perception and other barriers to communication
  • How to gain trust and acceptance
  • How to deal with the positive and negative sides of a person’s personality
  • The 3 ego states of a person – Transactional Analysis and how this impacts on behaviour
  • What can affect an individual on a day to day basis and how that alters their behaviour