Event Management

Half Day


To give selected staff the skills to plan and orchestrate a successful event.


  • Understanding the prime objective and outcomes of the event
  • Identifying all the tasks required to be completed to achieve the desired outcome
  • Identifying the risks which may occur and plan to manage the risk so as not to have a major impact on the event
  • Risk management and how to ensure any constraint is managed prior to becoming a crisis
  • Setting Deadlines and Milestones
  • Identifying the team needed to achieve a successful outcome
  • Establishing and maintaining an effective communication network suited to meet the needs of the event
  • Working with budgets both historical and zero-based to ensure the event comes in within budget
  • Tracking the progress of the event organisation to ensure a successful conclusion and identify any crisis which may impact on the event
  • The importance of a debrief on completion of the event to identify lessons learnt so as to continually improve how we run events