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Essential Skills for Personal & Executive Assistants

One Day


Successful office management is needed within today’s workplace and Personal & Executive Assistants need to work effectively with management, colleagues and customers. This course is designed to assist with the development of skills to enhance the smooth function of these individuals we rely on so much.


  • Managing your time more effectively
  • Planning tips and prioritising
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • How to identify hidden time wasters and eliminate them
  • Handling multiple demands on your time
  • Increasing your own credibility and value
  • Managing your managers and working as a team
  • Working with more than one manager
  • Barriers to communication and why we can misunderstand one another
  • Getting on the “same page”
  • Communicating assertively and learning to say “No”
  • Projecting your voice successfully
  • Dealing with multiple requests and priorities
  • Presenting a professional image
  • Dealing with difficult people and conflict
  • Motivating yourself
  • Handling stress