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Developing Your Resilience Skills

Half Day


We have stood our ground with Covid-19 over the past months and the social changes have been dramatic in the way we run our lives and work. All this has had some effect on our resilience. Some people more than others.
This workshop has been designed to assist individuals to rebuild or even further develop their resilience to move forward to a new normal.

Expected Outcomes

  • Bounce back from difficulties faster
  • How to thrive under pressure
  • How to adapt better to the constant changes we face
  • Improve your skills to better manage any stress we may encounter


  • Recognising and understanding the 4 most common types of stress that erode your resilience
  • Identifying and assessing your Life Balance to assist in building resilience
  • The need for controlled stress to maintain and increase your resilience
  • Identifying the triggers to your stress
  • The psychological impact of low resilience on you and others
  • Taking control of those triggers
  • Techniques to refocus and take control of those situations
  • Why we need to regularly re-assess our life balance to remain resilient when coping with stress