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Dealing with Irate & Frustrated Customer/Clients

One Day


To assist participants to deal with the increasing number of frustrated and/or irate customers and clients we are interacting with in business today. This course will provide suggestions on how to diffuse the situation as well as provide coping mechanisms for the participants so that they do not get bogged down with the emotional turmoil.

To develop the confidence and skills to manage people who demonstrate behaviours which create difficulties within the workplace.


• Dealing with emotional and unreasonable people

• Why a person can react differently in similar situations

• How to deal with the positive and negative sides of a person’s personality

• Why do we not always address these problems?

• Can we change a person’s behaviour?

• Effective methods of communication

• How your tone of voice can influence the conversation

• Perception (listening with understanding)

• Taking control of the situation

• How to become assertive without aggression

• Managing your own emotional state to maintain self control and professionalism

• When to escalate the call

• Terminating the impossible caller with professionalism

• Changing roles between work and home to shed the stress