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Dealing with Difficult People & Other Personalities

One Day


This workshop will teach you effective skills to confidently manage yourself with difficult people & personalities. A common sense approach when interrelating with other people to enhance the way we function together.


• Learning to understand people – we are all different

• Why can a person react differently in similar situations?

• Domestication and conditioning

• What is the difference between personality and behaviour?

• Can you change these?

• Dealing with your emotions – what is happening to me?

• Methods to control or dis-establish yourself emotionally

• Adapting to conditions

• Respect & Professionalism

• Understanding what conflict really is

• What are you REALLY dealing with in this situation?

• Conflict resolution – diffusing the situation

• Is the conflict personal or professional?

• The four types of conflict that we deal with on a day to day basis.

• How to avoid the above four types

• Open communication – courageous conversations

• How to become assertive without aggression

• How to give and receive feedback in a positive manner

• Influencing the behaviour of people you have no authority over

• The 3 ego states of a person – Transactional Analysis and how this impacts on behaviour

• What can affect an individual on a day to day basis and how that alters their behaviour

• Welcome to the animal kingdom

• How close to the animal kingdom are humans when it comes to behaviour?

• The Sheep – loses direction
• The donkey – is stubborn
• The puppy – needs attention
• ……..and more