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Cross Cultural Hospitality

One Day

This workshop is focused on giving people the ability to define and understand and describe culture; demonstrate knowledge of cultural diversity and expectation of visitors; skills with visitors to New Zealand.


  • Recognising Our Unique Culture

    • What is New Zealand Culture?

    • What are the sources of cultural differences in New Zealand?

    • Can you add value to the visitor’s experience?

  • Prejudices turn Hospitality into Hostility

    • What are the expectations we have of others?

    • What are the expectations that visitors have of our culture?

  • Culture Shock Need Not be Culture Conflict

    • Expectations are not experiences – or are they?

    • How do we overcome sources of confusion and conflict?

  • Set the Stage

    • Courtesy has a language of its own

    • Slips, slides and easy mistakes that let us down

  • Work the Stage

  • What will you Do Now?

A detailed content of this workshop is available on request