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Body Language – Facts & Myths

Half Day


To provide participants with a better understanding of body language. How it can be used effectively to enhance communication. Also how it can be misinterpreted.


• Basics and Introduction

– How it can be used
– Culture and the language
– Age and its relevance

• Background and History

– From where did it start?
– The various studies and contradictions

 • Nature or Nurture?

– Is it one or the other?
– Mirroring
– Environment   

• Facial Expressions

– The six key facial expressions which are the basis of  the language

• Body Language Analysis

– It is not what it always appears to be
– Examples of what we can trust
– Why there is a need to use clusters of signals
– Why there is a need to combine the Language with the other communication methods, i.e, VAK

• Body Language Warning

– The dangers of over analysing or over use.
– The same signal, different meaning based on generation, education, culture, age and gender.