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Thriving on Chaos – Managing Crisis

One Day


Crisis planning and management have become essential tools of business. Failure to cope with the unexpected can have damaging long term repercussions on a company’s credibility and bottom line performance. If you’re not already prepared, this workshop will explain the principles of crisis management. This workshop will provide strategies for the management team to survive in the turbulent 2000’s and the rapidly changing customer requirements.


• How chaos can help innovation

• Analysing the results

• How to react effectively

• Prioritisation of problems

• Accept and identify positively with the opportunities chaos brings

• Understand some key phenomena in the chaos process

• Anticipate and understand resistance to chaos and have strategies to overcome it

• Believe that people are central to the process of changing chaos into workable solutions

• Be able to plan for the chaos, for overcoming resistance and bringing it about in a way that maintains efficiency and relationships