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The Essential Skills for Managers – Walking the Talk

Two Days


Many Managers develop their first line management team and often find, that they, themselves have not been provided with the opportunity to keep current with these management skills. This workshop provides an in depth coverage of the necessary skills to manage your management team. We will not only discuss the “What to’s” but also the “How to’s”.


  • What are Training Agreements and how do they assist both you and your management team?
  • A better understanding of the current Management Jargon
  • How to design and implement a management training programme
  • How to set goals for your management team, both in performance and behaviour
  • Dealing with performance
  • How do we work with the current legislation and what is it?
  • The five golden rules for effective management
  • Providing support to your management team
  • Recognising essential leadership skills and styles
  • Learning to let go
  • Capitalising on the $ investment in staff training