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Reducing the Risk in Selecting the Right People for Promotion

One Day


To assist those involved in selecting prospective staff for promotion to have a process which will help in reducing the possibility of promoting the wrong candidate.


  • The “Four types of Jobs In The World”
    • Which type best suits the role to be filled?
    • Why is this critical to the outcomes of the area to be managed?
    • Identifying which of the 4 does your candidate fit into and why this matters
  • Why do some people excel in a senior role where others struggle?
    • Defining the definition of success and it relevance to the offered role
    • What was your selection criteria in the past?
    • Did your outcomes and the candidate’s outcomes align?
  • “Technical” vs “Non-Technical”
    • Are they required to “Work in the Business” or “Work on the Business”?
    • What is the difference and does it matter?
    • Setting the percentage of “Working on the Business” vs “Working in the Business”
  • The “Position Description” vs “Expected Outcomes”
    • Does this meet the current situation of your business plan?
    • How often should we review this description to ensure it meets the current business strategies?
  • The 12 Core Competencies Required to be an Effective Leader
    • Defining the 12 and why all of them are required
    • What do you need to expect from each of these competencies?
  • To promote immediately or introduce a KPI based progressive programme?
    • The pros and cons of either process