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Moving Into Management

Two Days


To give new and potential Supervisors, Team Leaders, Leading Hands and Charge Hands and those thinking of moving into management an overview of the Manager’s role in today’s business climate.
This training programme is also applicable to organisations who can see the benefit of sending team members along, so that they can gain an understanding of their First Line Manager’s role.

Content – For a more detailed content follow this link – http://vjhenderson.co.nz/moving-into-management-detailed-content/

  • The changing role from worker to First Line Manager
  • The difference between working ‘on the business’ as compared to working ‘in the business’
  • Can you successfully do the ‘work’ and manage the crew?
  • Coping with the change and not feeling bad about not always being ‘hands on’
  • The transition from friend to leader
  • Managing conflict
  • What does all the management jargon and terminology really mean?
  • An overview of the legislative requirements
  • The nine building blocks for building an effective team
  • Effective Communication – perception and the different ways people communicate
  • Why is communication so difficult and why does it cause so many problems?
  • The four leadership styles
  • Delegation
  • Time management and self organisation
  • How to get through your daily workload
  • The importance of planning
  • The 5 key elements of effective management
  • Professionalism