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Managing Staff in a Professional Environment

Management is a profession as well!

Two Days


With the promotion from the “ranks” to the Management role, additional skills are required to provide leadership and to manage staff to build a positive work environment.


• Managing friends and former peers

• Professionalism & gaining respect

• Legislation – what is it and identifying what is relevant

• Delegation

• How to turn discipline into a positive experience

• Learning to let go

• How to identify your team values for staff selection

• How to gain buy-in

• The 9 building blocks for building an effective team

• Develop team commitment and co-operation

• The 5 golden rules for effective management

• Personal organisation and time management

• The 4 leadership styles

• Adapting your leadership style to suit different situations

• Understanding differences in other people

• How to reduce conflict

• Communication – why is it sometimes so difficult?

• Methods to provide clear cut instructions

• Creating good habits to develop your listening skills