Management Tools

VJ Henderson Associates have an extensive range of Management Tools which we have developed. We would work alongside you to modify and develop these tools for your organisation.

    • Human Resource Manuals

    • Individualised Job Descriptions

    • Business Plans

    • Strategic Plans

    • Performance Management Systems

    • Training Needs Analysis

    • Development of Standard Operating Procedures

    • Culture Surveys

    • Psychological Profiles

    • One on One Mentoring

    • Bargaining Agents

    • Service Level Agreements

    • Productivity Efficiency Tools (Loss Management)


Some comments from Precious Management workshop participants:

“Brought it down to day to day examples – easy to follow – not textbook”

“Extremely interesting, excellent presentation. The best training I have ever attended – you really get the “Nuts and Bolts””

“We didn’t have to read through piles of notes, we were able to get involved and have our opinions aired”

“The ability now to stand back and lead my team instead of walk amongst them”

“I was challenged to assess my own behaviour and that of others”

“Good debates – OK to challenge the presenter”

“Thanks a heap”

“Would love to send the whole management team But…..”