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Making KPI’s Measureable, Relevant & User Friendly

One Day


To give participants a clear understanding in the development and utilisation of Key Activity Areas (KAA’s) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) so as to better provide feedback to staff in a professional user friendly manner, not only in productivity but also behavioural standards.


  • Goal setting and the practical application of SMART goals.
    • What is a KFS?
    • What is a KAA?
    • What is a KPI?
    • Why do we need all three, (KFS’s, KAA’s and KPI’s)?
  • Why your company standards are critical in the implementation of this process.
    • The benchmark
    • Improving the standard or lowering the water level
    • Is 100% accuracy 98% of the time a realistic target?
    • What are the ramifications if we do not achieve this?
  • The 12 KAA’s and their KPI’s
    • What are the 12 and why do all staff need these 12?
    • Setting objective measures to avoid the “dutch auction”
    • How to measure subjective areas
    • How to identify the KPI’s specific to each person
    • How to apply these KPI’s in a transparent constructive manner
    • How to collect data so the feedback process is measured against company standards as opposed to personal standards
    • How do you interpret and use the data?
    • How to deliver the feedback in a constructive non threatening supportive manner
    • The correlation and interrelationship of the KAA’s and their impact on each other
    • The myths of performance measurement that can lead to failure