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Introducing Change Effectively for a Smooth Transition

Nothing is surer than change. How do you handle the process?
When did you last look at the effects on your staff?

Half Day


This programme aims to introduce participants to strategies to deal with and manage people through change. Ensure that the change sticks and reduce the potential for conflict and disruption.


  • The need for change – do we really have to?
  • Why people really resist change & how do we overcome this?
  • How to identify the clients/staffs needs so as to dovetail the change with these
    • Looking for the common thread
    • Removing the anxiety
  • Types of change
  • Who is responsible to manage the change?
  • Why do people go back to the old way of doing things?
  • Preparing to lose the battle to win the war
  • The difference between planned change and sudden change
  • The importance of forward planning
  • Identifying who needs to be involved
  • The steps to planned change
  • How do we introduce sudden change?