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How to Use the Tools of a Performance Management Process Effectively

One Day


To develop the skills of selected staff to better understand and implement the concepts of Performance Management so as to improve the performance of those required in a constructive, respectful and supportive manner.


  • Keeping within the boundaries and respecting both the legislation for the recipient and the deliverer
  • Why do people’s performance waiver?
  • Identifying when to react to a situation and when not to
  • Is the issue “They can’t do it” or “They won’t do it”?
  • Is the issue “Performance” or “Behaviour”?
  • Understanding the definition of discipline
  • How to make the discipline interview a positive experience for both parties
  • Understanding the “true” purpose of the discipline interview
  • How an individual’s performance can impact on the internal SLA’s
  • Accusation vs exploration
  • Breaking the performance issue down into small manageable steps
  • Giving feedback in a constructive manner
  • The need for mutual respect
  • Metricating performance
  • How do we constructively approach these difficult conversations?
  • The need for preparation
  • The need for separation from emotional to empathetic logic
  • The value of consistent feedback
  • Bringing the relationship back to an amicable working relationship

This course will cover the recommended Best Practices for dealing constructively with issues which currently are impacting within the current working environment.