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How to Manage Behaviours and Attitudes

The key to managing “personalities”

One Day


To assist all Managers and Front Line Team Leaders to deal with personality behaviours which disrupt the working environment and create disharmony to the team. To assist people who have to deal with demanding and difficult colleagues, external contacts and customers.


  • What is the difference between personality and behaviour?
  • Which one should we focus on?
  • What types of people do we have to deal with?
  • Welcome to the animal kingdom
  • How close to the animal kingdom are humans when it comes to behaviour?
    • The Sheep – loses direction
    • The Donkey – is stubborn
    • The Puppy – needs attention
    • ………and more
  • Learning to understand people
  • Domestication and conditioning
  • Diversity bias
  • Dealing with conflict
  • What are you REALLY dealing with in this situation?
  • First impressions are not always real
  • Controlling your emotions so that you remain professional
  • The difference between Leadership and Management
  • Why we need both qualities
  • When to lead and when to manage
  • How to set measureable standards in behaviour – SMART goals
  • Changing behaviour
  • DOPE test (Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle)
    • a fun self behavioural assessment to see how you function
    • how to better utilise this knowledge to enhance communication or manage behaviours
    • a better understanding why others respond differently to various situations