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How to Manage Behaviours and Attitudes

One Day


• To assist all Managers and Front Line Team Leaders to deal with personality behaviours which disrupt the working environment and create disharmony to the team.

• To assist people who have to deal with demanding and difficult colleagues, external contacts and customers.


• What is the difference between personality and behaviour?

• Which one should we focus on?

• What types of people do we have to deal with?

• Welcome to the animal kingdom

• How close to the animal kingdom are humans when it comes to behaviour?

• The Sheep – loses direction
• The Donkey – is stubborn
• The Puppy – needs attention
•………and more

• Learning to understand people

• Domestication and conditioning

• Dealing with conflict

• What are you REALLY dealing with in this situation?

• First impressions are not always real

• Controlling your emotions so that you remain professional

• The difference between Leadership and Management

• Why we need both qualities

• When to lead and when to manage

• How to set measureable standards in behaviour – SMART goals

• Changing behaviour

• DOPE test (Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle)

• a fun self behavioural assessment to see how you function
• how to better utilise this knowledge to enhance communication or manage behaviours
• a better understanding why others respond differently to various situations