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How to “Find Time” to Manage

How to Steal Back Your Time

One Day


Gain pro-active planning tools in this practical workshop designed to give you greater control to manage your ever increasing workload. Refocus on the processes and procedures in place within your organisation where time and costs can be reduced.


  • Time Management in 30 minutes from a Manager’s perspective
  • Identifying time wasters and inefficiencies that cost time and money
  • Key factors to identify best practices for success
  • How much “TIME” do we really have?
  • Where are my regular constraints originating?
  • What is the root cause of these constraints?
  • How to eliminate these constraints
  • Setting internal standards for teams and individuals and gaining their “buy in”
  • Prioritising and overcoming obstacles to planned objectives
  • Effective methods to delegate work and responsibilities
  • Why Managers find delegation difficult
  • The Steps to delegate effectively
  • Managing meetings to achieve time and results
  • Effective vs Efficient management of our resources available
  • Maintaining your prime objective
  • Managing your work/life balance