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How to Delegate & Task Allocate

One Day

How to Share Your Workload

Delegation is one of the least understood management skills. Participants will discover the true process of how to delegate. They will also be able to identify the pitfalls and the fears that often makes delegation seem so difficult.

• Delegation – is it management or leadership?
• The benefits of delegation
• What is the difference between delegation and abdication?
• What is the difference between delegation and order giving?
• Why Managers find delegation difficult
• How to fix the “I might as well just do it myself” pitfall
• Responsibility • Authority • Accountability
• The four stages leading to effective delegation
• Major causes of time loss
• Why does delegation not work properly?
• How to plan the delegation process
• The steps to delegation
• Controlling the process
• Gaining commitment and building trust
• Why is an individuals definition of success important?
• Group work – situations for evaluation and discussion