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Giving Constructive Feedback on the Run

Managing Performance – An everyday process
If You Manage Performance, Then You Don’t Have to Performance Manage


Half Day


To give Team Leaders, Supervisors, all Managers the skills to provide constructive feedback to staff in a manner which maintains respect for the individual and obtains the desired outcome for the Team Leader/Manager.


• Working from the Consciously Competent mode.

• The initial approach… Accusation or Exploration?

• Identifying and utilising the correct communication style for the specific individual.

• Why we should not compare people to people.

• The importance of using metricated communication.

• The importance of introducing SMART in our communication.

• The importance of following up on your communication to ensure understanding.

• When and how frequently should we follow up?

• Evaluating whether the issue is performance or behaviour

• The importance of managing performance to avoid performance management