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Enhancing Team Dynamics & Ownership

One Day


To give selected staff the skills to further enhance their Team Dynamics, support each other more effectively and further develop their communication skills to assist in fostering a pro-active environment of ownership. 


  • The 4 Types of Jobs in the world and how this can impact on moving the Team forward
  • What is a Team?
  • How to build a Teamwork Culture
  • Tips for Team Building
  • The 9 Building Blocks required to build an effective Team
  • Communication and how this can build or erode Team Dynamics
  • Establishing and maintaining an effective communication network which encourages and supports a two way feedback environment and also ownership
  • Action Centred Leadership
  • What is Quality?
  • What is DIFOTIS?
  • How does DIFOTIS affect Quality?
  • Understanding each others personality traits and how to use this information to better enhance Team Dynamics
  • Diversity Bias
  • What makes “The Best Team”
  • How to identify the Team’s needs to achieve the desired outcome
  • How to design and implement action plans to achieve the desired outcome
  • Tracking the progress of the agreed action plans to ensure successful outcomes from the workshop
  • The importance of a debrief on completion of each step to identify lessons learnt so as to continually improve how we move forward
  • The Greater Team and how it can impact on your immediate Team
  • Motivation and its impact on teams