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An Introduction to the Essentials of Effective Project Management

On Time, On Budget, On Target!

One Day


To give participants the basic essential skills to manage projects more effectively so as to ensure the projects achieve both budget and time frames without incurring excessive stress.

Designed for

Any person given the responsibility to manage small to medium projects in manufacturing, service, engineering, design, commissioning or administration environments.

Expected Outcomes

  • To provide an overview of best practices for project management
  • To provide an understanding of why projects fail to meet time frames and milestones so that this can be prevented
  • To improve the smooth running of projects so that they improve profitability
  • To develop the skills to effectively manage a project to ensure the correct procedures are in place right from the beginning


  • The 5 Phases of the Project Management Life Cycle
  • Understanding the scope of the project
  • Identifying who needs to be involved in the project team
  • Planning the project, including the use of such tools as Gantt Charts and Critical Path
  • Identifying critical and non critical activities
  • The importance of creating the communication network and how this will work
  • Costings and budgeting
  • Scheduling and assigning resources
  • Risk management
  • What, when and how to delegate
  • How to monitor the project and take corrective action
  • Managing consultants and contractors
  • Creepage and how do we prevent this?
  • The audit procedures required to control the project