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Achieving Higher Productivity Through Effective Leadership

One Day


Are your staff achieving optimum performance?
Are they working to their full potential?
How can you help your staff realise what they are capable of?
How can you motivate people to achieve what they could never believe they could?


  • The influence of attitudes
  • Attributes of an achiever
  • Theory X & Theory Y management
  • Understanding behaviour
  • Understanding extrinsic & intrinsic motivation
  • Motivating people to the next level
  • Building an environment of co-operation
  • Developing your self image
  • Coaching for improvement
  • Performance Indicators
  • Setting and utilising standards to enhance both individual and organisational goals
  • Monitoring performance
  • Assertive communication
  • Maintaining behaviours
  • How to handle yourself when things do go wrong


This programme will help you achieve maximum productivity from your staff. Build confidence and morale. See staff respond and develop in terms of motivational attributes and morale. Learn positive ways to improve productivity.