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Make Tomorrow’s Vision Your Reality – A Manager’s Road Map

From the words to reality – Lets make it happen

Four days


This workable and successful 9 step training programme will give Managers at all levels the tools to easily design a working action plan to achieve their portion of the mission statement. Participants, will on completion of the programme, have developed a business plan for their section/department to be implemented on their return to work.


Participants will develop business plans around the three essential areas of -:
• Quality People
• Quality Product
• Quality Service

with the prime objective of tying these in with the mission statement.

The course covers these 9 steps:-

Step 1
What are your management imperatives today both externally & internally?

Step 2
Why are you in business?
• Where are you going?
• How do you get there?

Step 3
What are the Key Factors to your success?

Step 4
What are your objectives?
• Will your organisation/department cope?

Step 5
Who are your customers?
• Do you have a marketing plan?

Step 6
Developing your people
• Are competent and committed Teams achieving objectives?
• What about succession training?

Step 7
How effectively are you using your resources and support services?

Step 8
Do you have effective control and accountability?

Step 9
Establishing priorities for action

In today’s competitive environment it is essential that Managers effectively develop their sections and teams following the vision of the company goals.

A comprehensive workbook is provided and also post workshop support as required.