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A Manager’s Road Map

Make Tomorrow’s Vision Your Reality

Four days


This workable and successful 9 step training programme will give Managers at all levels the tools to easily design a working action plan to achieve their portion of the mission statement. Participants, will on completion of the programme, have developed a business plan for their section/department to be implemented on their return to work.


Participants will develop business plans around the three essential areas of -:
• Quality People
• Quality Product
• Quality Service

with the prime objective of tying these in with the mission statement.

The course covers these 9 steps:-

Step 1. What are your management imperatives today both externally & internally?

Step 2. Why are you in business?
• Where are you going?
• How do you get there?

Step 3. What are the Key Factors to your success?

Step 4. What are your objectives?
• Will your organisation/department cope?

Step 5. Who are your customers?
• Do you have a marketing plan?

Step 6. Developing your people
• Are competent and committed Teams achieving objectives?
• What about succession training?

Step 7. How effectively are you using your resources and support services?

Step 8. Do you have effective control and accountability?

Step 9. Establishing priorities for action

In today’s competitive environment it is essential that Managers effectively develop their sections and teams following the vision of the company goals.

A comprehensive workbook is provided and also post workshop support as required.


We recommend attendance at Stage 1 & 2 of the Team Leaders Programme prior to attending this course, but this is not essential.