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Negotiating Effectively with Unions

Effectively Negotiate with Unions within the requirements of The Employment Relations Act 2000


One Day


  • To ensure a current knowledge of the Employment Relations Act 2000
  • To understand your rights and obligations
  • Union negotiation and dispute resolution
  • Methods to resolve disputes and reach agreement
  • Reaching negotiation closure


The Legal Environment

  • Key features of the current legislation
  • The Employment Relations Act 2000 core requirements for unions and employers, collective agreements and the process of collective bargaining
  • The different types of employment arrangements
  • Essential standard terms
  • Multi‑party bargaining
  • What can and cannot be achieved within the negotiation process
  • Understanding the nature and implication of strikes and lockouts

Your Rights and Obligations

  • How legislation impacts on you and your organisation
  • Your obligations when employing new staff
  • Your rights and obligations in relation to collective bargaining
  • Good faith

Methods to Resolve Disputes and Reach Agreement

  • Understanding what deadlocks and stalemates are
  • Strategies and tactics you can use to unlock deadlocks
  • Managing the potential escalation of interpersonal conflict and industrial dispute during employer‑union discussion
  • Ways of keeping both parties in the negotiation process to ensure a satisfactory conclusion
  • How to understand your employee ‑ union needs, preparing for resistance and getting agreement

Reaching Negotiation Closure

  • Strategies to close negotiations
  • Traps to avoid when attempting closure
  • Recording agreement

This workshop is available in-company or on a consultancy basis. We also work with consultants who can represent you as your bargaining agent.