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Employment Related Legislation


One Day

It is necessary in today’s employment environment to conduct policies and practices in a legally defensible manner. Managing people to produce best practice in delivering products or services requires an awareness of the implications of the legislation affecting the employer/employee relationship.

This workshop will examine the following major aspects of the employer/employee relationship and illustrate the practical application of the legislation affecting the various aspects of this relationship.

  • Recruitment and employee selection
  • Training, Induction/Orientation, Job Instruction
  • Performance Management
  • Performance or behavioural problems: informal and formal disciplinary procedures

Legislation, such as the following, will be discussed in relation to the above procedures (or any issue which may be of particular interest to participants).

  • Employment Relations Act
  • Privacy Act
  • Fair Trading Act
  • Human Rights Act
  • Health and Safety in Employment Act
  • Holidays Act
  • Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act
  • Minimum Wage Act
  • Accident, Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance Act