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Telephone Techniques for Courtesy & Service

Half Day


The telephone is an important source of contact for many businesses, especially with call centres. It is also often the first point of contact with a new customer and first impressions should never be undervalued. This course is designed to make those whose role involves major telephone usage aware of the importance of telephone techniques, which will enhance the reputation of their organisation.

Skills required, not only in answering the telephone but also the communication style required in telephone usage, will be discussed.


  • Can I deliver quality internal & external service to customers by the telephone?
  • Understanding what irritates & what pleases our customers
  • Telephone tips for professional telephone usage
  • Handling incoming calls effectively
  • Using appropriate questioning techniques
  • Effective communication with our customers
  • The impact your tone of voice can have in a conversation on the telephone
  • Developing listening skills
  • Building rapport over the telephone
  • Improving your telephone persona
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Dealing with emotional and unreasonable people
  • Managing your own emotional state to maintain self control and professionalism
  • How to become assertive without aggression
  • Taking control of the situation
  • When to escalate the call
  • Terminating the impossible caller with professionalism
  • Changing roles between work and home to shed the stress