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Telephone Sales – An Everyday Process

Half Day


With the constantly changing business environment we need to become more proactive in sourcing and creating sales opportunities. This workshop will give an understanding of the process of sales and how this can be turned into a more natural occurrence for anyone.


  • Can anyone sell?
  • The types of questions to utilise
  • How your tone of voice can influence a conversation
  • The barriers to communication that we need to be aware of when speaking on the phone
  • What really is listening?
  • Overcoming call reluctance
  • Planning the objective of your call
  • When to make the call
  • Recognising opportunity
  • Extracting information through dialogue
  • Developing rapport to lead to an appointment or prospective sale
  • How to soft sell by using benefits and features
  • Upselling – the easy sale
  • Buying signals
  • Managing resistance
  • Closing the sale or the call
  • Follow up