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Root Cause Analysis for Effective Problem Solving

One Day


This workshop is designed for selected participants to become effective in Continuous Improvement through Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving

Designed for

• Team Leaders and Managers who need to improve skills in Root Cause Analysis for systems improvement

• Administration staff who are wanting to assess, analyse and eliminate “road blocks” in their work flow

• Those organisations who recognise the need to reduce crisis management

• Those organisations who recognise the need for continuous improvement


• Root Cause Analysis versus band aiding

• Identifying the problem and setting SMART objectives to the Root Cause Analysis to ensure effective problem solving

• The recognised and proven data collection tools

• Interpretation of the data

• Fact versus assumption and/or opinion

• Applying, analysing and giving weight to the relevant data

• Distinguishing between symptoms and the root cause

• Identifying and exploring optional solutions

• Why we need to consider the impact the decision may have on the upstream and downstream functions with your organisation

• Implementing your decision

• Auditing and checking to ensure Root Cause Analysis is successful

Expected Outcomes

• More effective problem solving

• Skills in data collection

• Improved decision making and a reduction in band aiding

• Improved profitability and productivity

• Improved recovery and yield within the manufacturing process

• Reduced frustration

• Assisting the staff to become more effective in health and safety and compliance