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Psychology of Selling

One Day

An interactive course examining participants’ strengths and weaknesses through personal typing and greater awareness.

The Five Sales Geniuses ‑ your type what is it? 
Once the sales person recognises their own type they can recognise the way in which they can control the factors that switch people off from them

Customers ‑ Generational differences 
What the Baby Boomer wants is different from Generations X and Y.
Technical savvy is critical for one and less important for others.
Do you know which is which?

Personal versatility ‑ Why change?
Personal versatility is an asset

Persuasion strategies ‑ What is your strength?
There are those who believe that persuasion is a matter of technical over‑talk, others who are effective in getting through by just asking the right questions.

Frustration ‑ a source of energy
We want immediacy and instant results. Frustration has to be used effectively to make the customer and salesperson happy.

Future strategies
There is the magic dance in selling.
The partnership of the sale is a short or enduring one. Let’s dance!

Planning for personal change
Nothing happens unless you plan for it and carry your learning through to its natural conclusion.